Pocket Knife Sharpener


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The Pocket Knife Sharpener is a compact, packable knife sharpener designed for sharpening on the go.

The diamond sharpening plate and ceramic honing rod use built-in angle guides to create a sharp edge anytime, anywhere you need it on all your outdoor knives.

This is the perfect knife sharpener for field, home or shop use for those looking for ease of use and rugged simplicity.

Sharpening is fast and easy thanks to the 20° angle guide on the 320 grit diamond plate and 25° angle guide on the fine ceramic rod. Compact and lightweight design with lanyard hole make the Pocket Knife Sharpener easy to pack carry so you can sharpen as needed and always keep your edge at peak performance for the task at hand.

  • Sharpen on 320 Grit Diamond
  • Hone on Fine Grit Ceramic
  • Compact, packable design
  • Built-in angle guides


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